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Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping

Local help for your accounting problems

Trust and accountability are the focal points of Financial Accounting, and with accurate and careful execution we foster that trust.

Tax Return Preparation

Bringing you top value

Federal and state tax legislation varies widely and our experienced professionals will make sure to file everything correctly the first time.

100% guaranteed

We stand by our service

We understand that on-time assistance and consulting is needed to cover your finances and we stand by our clients through every audit.

Simplify Your Accounting

A Dedicated Team for Accounting and Insurance Services

Code Accounting covers a range of services that are all aimed at reaching the maximum potential for a business. The use of modern technology that is grounded by the principles of accounting, enables our professionals to supply business owners with real-time financial data, as well as other pertinent business data, in order for them to make calculated decisions that propel the business onward and upward.

The numbers matter in business, but we see people as an equally important aspect. That is why personal service is to be expected – always. Clients will always have a real person that they can count on to help whenever it is needed.

Every business is different and we are able to tailor fit solutions to any business, so that a company in any industry is able to gain ground in the most efficient manner. Strategies are numerous, but solutions can be as simple as creating pockets of time for managers, keeping business records in our digital and physical archive storage facilities, doing taxes, and keeping your financial information up-to-date.

We can help your business grow. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will provide a quote – absolutely free.


Reach your company’s maximum potential

We take care of the accounting and administrative services so you can focus on building your business.