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International Accounting

Together, we can strategize ways to maximize your global business’s potential. Providing bookkeeping, archiving, accounting, accounts management and more, Code Accounting provides expert level financial services for international business. Our professionals are well versed in GAAP, IFRS and IAS standards.

Tax Consulting

Minimize your tax liability while adhering to the most stringent of accounting practice standards. Our tax consulting are compliant in state and federal legislation, and can even cover global tax codes. Services are tailored to your needs.

HR Management

Maximize employee performance to meet your strategic objectives. Code Accounting professionals can handle staffing, compensation and benefits, extract relevant metrics and define areas of need. Our HR Management services are designed to streamline your processes so you can spend less time on the administrative tasks.

Administrative Services

Let us handle the paperwork. We process and store both digital and physical data, including contracts, invoices, legal documentation and financial statements. In the event of an audit our secure and highly organized administrative services ensure that you are always prepared.

Fiduciary Accounting/File Storage

Code Accounting will always act in your best interest. Our Fiduciary Accounting Services can handle the important financial administration of your trust, estate, conservatorship or guardianship. Our storage systems are designed to keep your records organized and secure. Contact us today to see other ways we work to build your trust on an ongoing basis.