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International Accounting

Following your money everywhere it goes

CODEaccounting Professionals are experts in international accounting practices and continuously educated themselves with GAAP, IFRS, and IAS standards. From bookkeeping, archiving, accounting, accounts management, and more, your local or global business will always be supported to enable its growth to its maximum potential. Whether your business operates locally or globally, you are in good hands.

Administrative Services

Focus on your business

 Businesses and individuals can hand over the processing and storage of digital or actual physical paperwork. Contracts and other legal documentation as well as simple invoices and other kinds of paperwork can all be processed and stored. We also make certain that you will be ready for an audit and always have the information that you need as a business owner.

HR Management

Employees can be a headache for some businesses, and this draws managers away from focusing on other aspects of the business that are more important. Our professionals help draw out the maximum performance from employees so management objectives are met. We can take care of staffing, handle employee compensation and benefits, provide metrics that define the work that needs to be performed, and many other HR solutions.

On-call assistance

Any time you need us

Available day and night, just a phone call away and with amazing response and delivery time you above and beyond satisfied with our services.

Fiduciary Accounting/File Storage

In house safe file storage

Trust is one of the focal points of Fiduciary Accounting, and with accurate and careful execution we foster that trust. Digital and physical archive facilities are always ready to store client records.

Tax Consulting

Bringing you top value

Federal and state tax legislation vary and our experienced professionals will always get it right. Compliance with all tax regulations in the United States is ensured, but the coverage of our Tax Consulting services also span the global arena. Globally operating businesses as well can be provided with tailor-fit international tax management solutions to cover all of their locations.

Startup Solutions and Other Business Services

Helping businesses reach their maximum potential

CODEaccounting helps businesses reach their maximum potential through modern accounting aided by cutting edge technology. We take care of administrative work along with HR management tasks to help you focus on business growth. Startup Solutions and other business services also move your business onward and upward at guaranteed personal service.

100% guaranteed

We stand by our service

On-call assistance and consulting is a must to cover your global services. Our international experience will surely boost your productivity and quality.

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CODEaccounting covers a range of services that are all aimed at reaching the maximum potential for a business. The use of modern technology that is grounded by the principles of accounting, enables our professionals to supply business owners with real-time financial data, as well as other pertinent business data, in order for them to make calculated decisions that propel the business onward and upward.

The numbers matter in business, but we see people as an equally important aspect. That is why personal service is to be expected – always. Clients will always have a real person that they can count on to help whenever it is needed.

Every business is different and we are able to tailor fit solutions to a business, so that company is able to gain ground in the most efficient manner. Strategies are numerous, but solutions can be as simple as creating pockets of time for managers, keeping business records in our digital and physical archive storage facilities, doing taxes, and keeping your financial information up-to-date.

We can help your business grow. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will provide a quote – absolutely free.


Reach your company’s maximum potential

We will take care of the accounting and administrative services, so you can focus on building your business.

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Seasons Productions

Projects and Profits

Projects differ and figuring out all the costs and profit margins can be time consuming and take focus away from the goal. We figure out ways to track what needs to be without taxing the team so they take care of their clients.

Planted Design

Successfully Springing Startups

CODEaccounting does not just do your accounting, we help make dreams come true for startups. With the use of modern technology we can get your startup springing to new heights of success.


Finding Funding

Securing funds from investors and VC firms usually require strict reporting requirements and we implemented the necessary measures for them to secure some initial funding.

Commander Moving, Inc.

Moving Forward by Fixing Finances

Through proper financial reporting we helped Commander Moving understand what is owed to them so they can collect on that money. They are now in a better position to make use of the extra cash to build their company into something great.

The Future is CODEaccounting

The Future is CODEaccounting

25.09.2016 / by codeaccounting / 0 comments

The ability to crunch numbers in a variety of approaches and attain valuable information to better understand the current position and move accordingly in an attempt to gain a better stance can now happen in a blink of an eye….

CODEaccounting, Refreshed

CODEaccounting, Refreshed

25.09.2016 / by codeaccounting / 0 comments

It has been a lot of hard work, but we’re refreshed and ready to get moving forward in leaps and bounds. Be sure to keep an eye on us, as we will soon be unveiling something that we’ve had in…